We know planning a party or group visit is a big responsibility. We work hard to provide a simple planning process that results in great experiences for your guests! Check out the short video below to see what guests can do during your event, then decide whether you're ready to book or want some additional help from our staff.




•Events are 2 hours
•$6/person + optional add-ons
•Anyone in your group who's a member is free
•Party room: $15 or $35 




Looking for a more exclusive event? We also offer private events, which give you exclusive access to our Discovery Lab experiences. Imagine, the entire Discovery Lab all to yourself…



frequently asked questions

Will we be charged admission during our party?

We don’t charge “admission” but there is a $6 per person party/group charge. Anyone over the age of 1 that will be staying for your event, including adults, will be a $6 charge, due at the time of your party. There are three exceptions:

  1. Anyone in your group who has an annual membership is free as part of their membership perks.

  2. Anyone who uses a guest admission ticket is free.

  3. Staff who attend with a group (like teachers or care staff) are free, as long as they show a valid work ID at check-in. Non-staff chaperones (like parents or volunteers) count toward the total party or group charge.

Can we come early to set up?

Yes! We allow access to your room up to 30 minutes before your start time, to set up for your event.

Can we decorate our party room?

Yes, we allow you to bring tabletop decorations (tablecloths, table-top decorations, etc). We do not allow decorations that need to be taped/tacked/tied onto painted walls. Out of respect for other visitors, we do ask that you not bring piñatas, loud noisemakers, or allow guests to pop balloons during your event.

Can we bring food & drinks?

Yes! We do ask that all food & drinks are kept in your party room and that you have guests wash hands before returning to the Adventure Lab activities. You’ll need to bring your own plates, utensils and anything else necessary for your food & drinks.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?

Out of respect for other visitors, we do not allow alcoholic beverages during our party & group visits. If you are interested in bringing alcoholic beverages you can explore our private event options, which allow you to rent the facility when we're normally closed, so you'll have it all to yourself.

Can guests stay after the party ends?

Guests should plan to leave at the end of your 2 hour event period.

Can we rent the facility when you are closed?

Yes! We offer private event rentals, which allow you to host an event when we are normally closed, so your guests get the activities all to themselves. We also have corporate meeting rooms you can rent for meetings & retreats.