Discovery Lab experiences are designed to foster creativity and innovation through fun, play-based experiences. Discovery Lab experiences are easy to use, open-ended, and can scale in complexity, which makes them fun for youth and adults alike. No experience necessary! Older children and adults may want to check out our Innovation Problems for an added challenge.


We work hard to make our experiences amazing for every visitor. If you ever feel like we missed the mark, let us know and we’ll make it right.


When you visit the Discovery Lab, you will have access to:

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Telegraph Herald Light Experience

•Giant Light Pegs
•Light Tables
• Glow Boards

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LEGO® Experience

•LEGO® Exploration
•LEGO® Auto Speedway
•LEGO® Gravity Challenge

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Premier Bank Climbing Experience

•Rock Wall Bouldering
•Harnessed Climbing ($)

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Portzen Construction Experience

•Imagination Playground
•Architectural Planks
•Bolts and Beams

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Design Experience

•Card-Making Station
•Pottery Painting ($)
•Button Design ($)

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•Magnetic Tiles
•Magnetic Wall Maze
•Magnetic Blocks

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• Toddler versions of activities


$ - denotes add-on experiences, additional charges apply.